February 26, 2013

Final output

all pictures credits :Lab'process

Some time has passed since this blog last saw a new post published.The reason is that after three years of activity, Lab'process ceased business in early 2013. Since then, we were busy with redesigning our website that we wanted to present as a portfolio.

With Lab’process project coming to an end, time has come to say goodbye to this blog as well.We invite you to visit the new version of our website, especially  the pages dedicated to our participation to the Venice Biennale and to several exclusive products under the title "latest experiments."

Our original intention was to develop a laboratory for processing ideas.Many ideas emerged from our Lab’ and most of them turned into interesting products or projects.There were also unsuccessful experiments but everything was part of a very interesting process and we end up this incredible project with a sense of accomplishment…

We’d also like to thank you all for your interest throughout our adventures and our research! Thank you for your support at so many levels and till soon!

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