January 31, 2012

From a chef’s table to molecular food

LAB' GUEST COLUMN_ Irina Fratila_ photographer                                                        
© irina fratila
''....elegantly introducing a pinch to a hip audience or going through a string of art-concepts, food as raw material for communication in its modern meaning has only really gained attraction recently. Emulating the nowadays trends in art into food business, may be one of the most intimate form of exciting our brain as one basic need is pulled through-out the upper layers of humanity, wrapped with design and appealing to the thought and senses rather to the physic. 
An indefinite number of visions arguing on the same ancestral need for food. Maslow would have never thought of this.''    
(Irina Frățilă, photographer)        
© irina fratila
LAB' GUEST COLUMN_ Irina Fratila_ photographer                                                                                                                         Irina Frățilă is a naval architect with passion for photography. You can find out more about her work as a photographer visiting her portfolio on: http://www.behance.net/irinafratila or visting the following food and lifestyle photography related blogs that inspire her:  http://www.jamesransom.com/, http://www.cannellevanille.com/, http://lingeredupon.blogspot.com/, http://www.79ideas.org/, http://www.islandmenu.com.au/

January 30, 2012


The beauty and intriguing aspect of hybrid structures in architecture will always be an interesting  topic of debate and observation, especially when such structures are based on logic, careful observation of the society needs and knowledge...

Beautiful and inspiring video about how normality can be reshaped and reinterpreted to finally get an interesting, practical, sometimes humorous and unexpected result...

January 27, 2012

IFFR 2012!

                                                                  © and source: http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/nl/

It is almost weekend and one of the most important cultural events of 2012 in the Rotterdam area, has already started since two days: The International Film Festival Rotterdam.-Wide range of interesting movies, lots of them already completely booked in the first day, but still plenty of choices for a cultural weekend! 

Check the trailers and enjoy the viewing if you are around  Rotterdam http://trailers.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/, otherwise we already wish you great weekend!

P.S.We will come back with more feedback from this event soon, so do not forget to check our guest column!

January 24, 2012


 LAB' GUEST COLUMN _ bozin szekely architects _ THE TRIANGLE HOUSE                       

©   bozin szekely architects 

©   bozin szekely architects  

''The first thing we draw was a blind wall aligned to the street, as a response to the high level of privacy requested by our client. To reinforce the idea of privacy we chose this triangular shape that makes the house disappear behind the wall. It is also the only shape that allowed the sunlight to enter the whole house.

The ground floor contains a private space isolated from the rest of the house, a studio; and the upper floor needs to capture light for the bedrooms, a common space. We use these two elements as space generators. The open space from the ground floor is organised by the solid cylindrical volume of the studio. On the upper floor we extract the same cylindrical volume to generate the terrace that captures the morning light and brings it in our bedrooms.''(bozin szekely architects)

©   bozin szekely architects   
  LAB' GUEST COLUMN  _  bozin szekely architects  _  THE TRIANGLE HOUSE                                             

bozin szekely architects is a young architectural office based in Romania. The two partners studied and worked in Romania, France and Switzerland and collaborated with important offices in the architectural field. Find out more about their work at   http://bozinszekely.com .

January 20, 2012

Coming soon: THE GUEST COLUMN!

LAB' GUEST COLUMN                                                                                                        

Before the New Year we were speaking about new projects for our Blog. The time for launching one of this year’s blog projects has arrived! Starting from the coming week, we will have a new section on our blog called GUEST COLUMN, a section where we will invite friends to write about their creative projects and interests.
The first guest column will be published next Tuesday. Don't forget to check The Lab' next week!

January 18, 2012

Product development/ 2-way necklace

Prototyping is a necessary step of product development. In a world of Computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D image exports, nothing can yet replace a prototype when it comes to items meant to be worn. It helps to test the product and to identify problems you may not have been aware of otherwise. It is an interactive cycle made of testing, analyzing, redefining, recreating, starting all over again... And some prototypes make it more difficult than others…

We've been working on a specific prototype for some time now: the 2-way necklace – a necklace with a concrete pendant that can be worn two ways. Some of you might have already seen it in our first collection preview. The outlines of the design should remain the same although we work to improve the closing system. It takes time but we are making every effort to bring out the final product soon.

Since this is one of our favorite items, we hope that the 2-way concrete necklace will soon be available in our shop! Follow us and we will surely let you know about the development.

January 13, 2012

Another website philosophy…

We have been starting the year with a new website organization and a slight change of look for a better understanding of our project. Navigation logic follows now better our design philosophy which aims, in the first place, to create a better link between the fields where our items find applications. 

Enjoy the visit and have a nice weekend!

January 9, 2012

It’s time for new calendars…

 source and © pictures : http://www.dagandesign.com

MOMA, first class contemporary art museum, also manufactures great design products. A visit to the MOMA store – in person or through the Internet –always makes you discover great design items such as the Perpetual Calendar created by Gideon Dagan in 1998.

This Perpetual calendar captures the essence of pure and minimalist function.

“Designed for the Museum of Modern Art, NY, this unique calendar can be used year after year thus making it an Eco-conscious product. The calendar placed on a desktop, or mounted on a wall, its string-tethered seemingly gravity-defying ball is suspended in mid-air, and manually moved to mark each month. A second ball on the horizontal beam indicates the day. Constructed of injected-molded ABS recyclable polymer and magnets.”

The new small version, designed in 2008, commemorates the 10th anniversary of the original design.

In short, there are only good reasons to fall for this perpetual calendar...

 source and © pictures : http://www.dagandesign.com