October 31, 2011


"It's not the destination, it's the journey"

After ideas, favorite materials and tools, what could have possibly been hiding under number 1?

This mannequin, present in our workshop, represents pretty well our place of work and experimentation. There we think, try, build, deconstruct and rebuild all over again until we get the expected result. It is the invisible side of our work.

At the time of long distance communication and immediate responses, we realize less and less the amount of work and time required for any achievement. However, for designers perhaps even more, "it's not the destination, it’s the journey". For us the journey takes place in our laboratory. There we experiment and develop new ideas and concepts that could potentially turn into new entities. 

In the "online" world, this blog is the place to show this invisible research. Here is our ambition for this blog where we hope to find more readers day after day.

See you tomorrow for the big day!

October 30, 2011



At the beginning there is the idea and the material to be processed. Next is to adopt the right techniques.

Gradually developing our "laboratory of ideas", we take care of all areas personally and at the moment, all our products are handmade in our studio. Our techniques evolve and grow rich while we seek to develop new designs. Cutters, scissors, sewing machine, as many other accessories, are tools we use daily to give relief to the "ideas" processed in our laboratory to shape up our designs...

The handling of a product at all stages of design and production gives us an overview and a special knowledge of the materials we use.

Techniques that we use are also, and above all, an integral part of the final design. We attach particular care and attention to techniques and keep a special place for innovative processes.

October 29, 2011


Food and design

Design is everywhere. We are discovering it every day at different scales, in different environments. It is a matter of proportions, matching textures, chromatically balance and sometimes great technology- it’s basically something that require a presence of most of our senses. In most cases though, we do not use our taste.

As Marc Brétollot - pioneer of culinary design - said, "eating is the only act that stimulates simultaneously the 5 senses. Everything contributes to modify the organoleptic perception - the environment, the space and the tools for tasting ... not to mention the knowledge and the culture. It is a global act".

Food as a design material offers a field of exploration with no limit. Another testing ground for our laboratory and for the two gourmands that we are!

To be continued!

October 28, 2011



More and more materials mainly used initially in construction, become ubiquitous in fashion magazines, shops, restaurants and homes. We discover new boundaries every day but, somehow, in most cases, the materials get a more friendly approach or even a complete turn of perception. 

Concrete is an amazing material-there is something intriguing about its strength and weakness, the way it can shape and how it reacts to different external factors. As a material, it made its way through the years, transforming from a monotonous, depressing, intrinsically tough or sterile, quite institutional, into a fashionable, fabulous, widely spread material, a ‘tool’ for architects and designers. Its simplicity, complexity, the range of different textures, shades and shapes it can get is simply fascinating. 

We are interested in developing ideas and products where concrete or other materials (that find their application at a larger scale in architecture or other fields) are used for ‘accessorizing our life’ in a different way …

October 27, 2011


Hybrid structure

Lab’ was started from an idea; an idea to create a structure that would embody different interests we share for fashion, design, architecture, food design and culinary arts -a laboratory for experiencing, processing and bringing new ideas gathered under one structure. A structure that can react and adapt to the contemporary economical and social changes, by redrawing the contours, by defining the new limits and designing news shapes and junctures- cutting and dividing to better assemble the pieces, to make a better formula.

We believe that hybrid structures can represent a way of defining the tendencies of creativity in nowadays society and somehow be an answer for them. Thinking and acting in a hybrid manner, at different levels of the design process and in different design fields gives us, designers an opportunity to understand better the society in which we are living, as well as the contemporary human needs, and in consequence, have the ability to re-act properly.

To be continued...

October 26, 2011



As designers we have to adapt our tactics to be able to give answers to the constant changes of our society. Observing and understanding the different aspects of design gives us a better overview of the context that surrounds us, its needs and what can be done to shape it better.

Experiencing boundaries of the materials we work with is a challenge. Felt is one of the materials we explore and use in our designs since it offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of color, shapes, rendering and applications.

Its presence can be found in many cultures and civilizations through the ages and yet it keeps this timeless contemporary touch. Constantly renewed, the color palette is limitless.

Felt is a woolen fabric with exemplary qualities in terms of sustainability, ecology and flexibility of use. This noble fabric is a material of choice for designers.

Attracted by the advantages of felt, we will be pleased to present our designs, our favorites and maybe even our "moments of madness."

To be continued...

October 25, 2011


At the beginning of every project there is an idea, a desire. There is also one lucky encounter between people...

Lab'process is a project we started a year ago. Twelve months of work to launch our "laboratory for processing ideas". And at the end of this journey punctuated by encounters, some difficulties and doubts, but also nice surprises, here is the light...

It is with great pleasure that we reserve you a nice surprise few days from now (long awaited by some). The count-down starts today!

Today = 7 days before D-Day!

Be ready and stay tuned...