December 31, 2011



Here we are - the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012! Time to count the accomplishments of a year, draw a line , make a conclusion and start a list for the year to come! 
2011 was an incredible year for us - we started Lab'process, worked on and launched the website and the blog, created new products! It was a year filled with accomplishments and difficult steps on the way. But we did it and we are happy with the result! 

What to wish for 2012? We will continue our journey and experiments in our Lab', so we only wish for more readers and clients ;)… And of course, lots of successful experiments!

We are already working on new interesting projects so follow us in 2012 as well :)!

Until then, we wish you all a wonderful new year and a great party tonight!!!!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to you all!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas wherever you are. There might be either snow or a lot of sun depending where you are but, in any case, this time of the year is favourable to meetings with family and friends. We wish you enjoy these special moments, just as we will…

So again, a merry Christmas and a happy end of the year 2011…

December 20, 2011

Concrete and architecture

       © Suppose design office -source Hiroshima 05.2007     

We love Japanese Architecture and design- who doesn't? It is straight-forward, simple, most of the times introverted and intriguing, has impeccable details and mostly it plays with concrete...

Japan will remain and endless source of inspiration and admiration for us.

Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito, Saana ...just few great names and so many incredible designs...

But today we want to write about a younger, a bit less famous Japanese architectural office: Suppose design office. We love most of their housing projects with their playfulness,incredible association of materials and of course, the usage of concrete...  

    © Suppose design office- source Project: Hiroshima 05.2007

December 13, 2011


We are still experimenting in our lab’ and working on creating new products…But we think there are already steps that can be interesting to share… 

We think that what we are experimenting today is one of the most interesting experiments we tried in our Lab'. From the process and innovation point of view, everything is unconventional:  the combination of materials, the techniques to the final product. But what we really appreciate is the freedom it gives us in the creative process…

December 9, 2011

15 Days to Christmas!

Christmas is getting closer and so is the rush for finding gifts.

Gifts come in all kinds of boxes but how important is the look of the package itself? -Pretty important if you ask us. 

These days we've been cutting, folding, wrapping packages with one idea in mind: great wrapping makes the present complete. So did you find all your gifts yet? Have a look at our website to find gift ideas. We will make sure your choices come in the perfect package.

December 6, 2011


                                                                                                             source and © pictures :

Sadaharu Aoki, worldwide famous pastry chef, created the most exquisite chocolates: a real palette of tastes and colors and a fusion of French pastry and Japanese culinary culture… It could only get our attention. 

The “rainbow chocolates” reflect the constant search for simplicity and minimalism of Sadaharu Aoki for who colors are capital ingredients; “I like to create simple things, but it is the most difficult thing to do, since simple things cannot be manipulated” - Sadaharu Aoki. 

At the moment a special chocolate box called “Au nom du Chocolat” is available. Sadaharu Aoki and five other chocolate creators combined their talents in favor of the Humanitarian Association "Toutes à l’Ecole” and its action for the education of young girls in Cambodia. 

A beautiful and delicious Christmas gift idea for a good cause!

                                                                                                      source and © pictures :

December 1, 2011

'Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.'

'Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.'-Coco Chanel. 

We would also say : everything in design is a matter of proportions... 

This is the story of our first clutch model. ..yellow and black..We haven't baptized it yet...any suggestions for a name? 

It all started from the desire of creating a fashion accessory with architectural proportions...We wanted a fashionable clutch, but in the same time very minimal, with interesting proportions and an original way of closing.We were also looking for a material that wouldn't 'run', was thick enough to give the object a good shape and an interesting texture. That is why we choose felt. To make things even more interesting we chose to work with the most contrasting colors: black and yellow. The rest was only a matter of folding and playing with proportions...and of course using the magical number 3!...

   Note: pictures above were taken in December 2010 of the first prototype