October 26, 2012

Belgium hosts the interior design!

This week Belgium hosts in Kortrijk one of the biggest events in interior design: 23rd international Biennale Interieur 2012.This year's event has a new organisational concept, more guests of honour, expanding furniture, interesting innovative materials and lots of ideas for our interiors...The Brussels furniture designer, Alain Giles becomes the seventh designer of the year and is presenting an overview of his most important work.
The Design competition has also an interesting winner at cathegory space: deformable walls designed by sandwich blue architects.

The Interieur Biennale will end in two days so if you are around Belgium do not miss the opportunity to visit it! Otherwise just find out more  about the event and its new concept on http://vimeo.com/47920832 or the official website of the event: http://www.interieur.be/

Highlights InterieurBiennale

competition space winner:deformable walls-  sandwich blue architects 

Nendo fishline chair, source picture http://www.interieur.be/

projectroom nendo copy rudy beyens; source picture http://www.interieur.be/
buda tower hay flower pot dishwashing brush elastic balls kitchen ustensils chop chop marble  source picture http://www.interieur.be/      

October 20, 2012

The Fiac returns to Paris!

FIAC 2011 - Grand Palais 
© Marc Domage
The International Contemporary Art Fair, or FIAC, is one of the major and largest events for contemporary artists - from modern art to emerging artistic creation -, gallery owners and art dealers. 
This fair, which lasts only a few days, brings each year in Paris a host of contemporary artists, representatives of galleries and art merchants in prestigious places, among them the Grand Palais of course, as well as many others. All mediums including sculpture, installations, videos, painting, performances, films, multiples, digital arts, as well as design are represented.

The Fiac is a real 'must' for professionals and amateurs looking for new acquisitions or 'simply' for new discoveries especially during the Parisian Galleries' Night Out showing solo, group or thematic exhibitions.

FIAC, a major crossroad of current artistic creation, is most certainly not to be missed if ever in Paris untill the 21st of October!

FIAC 2011 - Grand Palais 
Stand Kamel Mennour 
© Marc Domage

FIAC 2011 - Grand Palais 
Stand Tornabuoni Arte
© Marc Domage

FIAC 2011 - Jardin des Tuileries 
Work by Vincent Mauger 
© Marc Domage

October 4, 2012


The biennale of Architecture in Venice started 5 weeks ago already! The grand opening was a great event to attend of course and, now that we’re back, we can present you more in details our “concrete” installation for the exhibition "Traces of centuries and future steps" held at Palazzo Bembo.

This project started as a dialog about the perception of concrete of four individuals from the same generation but with different backgrounds - Ema Bozin, Csaba Szekely (bozin szekely architects), Adina Socol and Sophie Klein (Lab'process). We found concrete to be an “emotionally loaded material” when it comes to individual perceptions influenced by social, political and historical events. Two different major perceptions mainly emerged: the one of a material generally seen as a cold, ugly, unfinished, and unfriendly due to the association with different symbols of urban brutalism and the one of a material with incredible qualities such as texture, colour, malleability, strong presence, stability, sincerity.

Concrete, indeed, can be everything and anything. Concrete has no predetermined texture, colour or shape. It can be qualified as chameleon material that can take an infinite number of appearances. The aesthetic and creative strengths of this material make it a constant source of inspiration for designers and architects.

Our project aims to tell a 3d story based on the observation of how the cultural background and the personal perception can change the view upon a material, and how this perception, filtered through the architect’s or the designer’s mind can influence and change the image of a product made of a specific material. Our installation seeks to represent architectural and design concepts in a new way, through 3d models (containing 3d sections, plans and facades) with pure, basic shapes. Each concrete volume can easily explain an entire architectural project or a design item.

Opus caementitium (Roman concrete in Latin) refers to ‘Opus’: artwork (our objects), tries to explain architecture and design, as some sort of sculptures or complex objects; and ‘caementitium’: concrete, as the basic constructive, pure material…

Opus caementitium is to be discovered at Palazzo Bembo till November 25th!

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